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Exquisite Effusion Lamps & Fragrances & Enlightened Journeys


We create artisinal fragrance effusion lamps we lovingly call "Scentimental Keepsake" and crafted home fragrances.  It all started with travel to the ends of the earth and discovering the tastes and smells of different cultures and indigenous tribes.  The obsession with the "plant spirit" specifically with the heart  and  soul of the "holy wood" led to the sourcing of high resin Palo Santo that is carefully inspected before it is purchased and sold to the public.  Because not all Palo Santo is created equal.  We at Enlightened Eve really enjoy high resin Palo Santo and encourage you to "feel" the difference!

Then came the creation of our "Scentimental keepsake" which are exquisite effusion fragrance lamps that are not mass produced and often customized so that the customer may experience a home fragrances that is calibrated to their tastes.  The fragrances can be mixed, diluted or burned on it's own for a strong scent throw.  It is entirely up the the user how they want to enjoy Enlightened Eve's "Scentimental Keepsake" and we sure hope that you do!

One thing we cannot forget is what started this all.  We are a full service travel agency specializing in events and retreats designed specifically for your company.  We do all the heavy lifting and you get all the credit!  Memories are our specialty and let us curate your travel memories for you!

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