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"Scentimental" Keepsake Effusion Lamps and Fragrance must be operated only by adults out of reach of children, pets, plants and combustible items.  You will enjoy heavenly scents throughout your entire room as long as you have the right equipment and follow the precautions outlined below and the same precautions you would use to operate a candle and candle lighter.


How to use our "Scentimental" Keepsake


You will need:
1) LONG CANDLE LIGHTERS.  We DO NOT recommend the use of matches or cigarette lighters as you can be burned by the vicinity to the flame.
2) ALUMINUM FOIL:  If your unit does not come with a snuffer cap you will use a 6" x 6" aluminum foil to help prime and snuff the ceramic wick.  This will help wick absorb the fragrance before it is burned and will also shut off the HOT ceramic wick when you are done using the lamp.  You may also use a heatproof glass or ceramic plate or cup depending on the style of your lamp.  The key is to shut off the oxygen flow.
3)  SILICONE TIP TONGS:  Sometimes you will have to take the wick out while it is hot or move the heated lamp inside a heatproof vessel and we recommend the use of silicone tip tongs not only to prevent burning but also prevent slipping while the lamp is being moved.
4)  91% ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL:  To Clean your wick and dilute your fragrance as needed.  Do not use Rubbing Alcohol or less than 91% Isoproplyl Alchohol or your lamp will not work!


Use only on flat stable surface. 

1) Fill vessel up to 2/3 MAX (do not exceed). 

2) Prime the wick to absorb the fragrance by covering the wick with aluminum foil or snuffer cap for approximately 20-30 minutes.

3) Allow flame to heat stone until orange glow (3-5 min).  NEVER LEAVE FLAME UNATTENDED. 

4) Blow out flame.  DO NOT MISS THIS STEP.

4) Place vessel in candle safe holder with at approximately ½” clearance from rim or place vented crown on lamp.  Do not let the ceramic sit too low below the rim so that enough oxygen circulates.

5) Do not touch effusion stone after lighting.  

6)  To turn off allow fragrance to be completely consumed or use aluminum foil, flameproof glass or ceramic and carefully wrap around stone to shut off oxygen flow for 10 min. 

NOTE:  Your wick will need to be replaced periodically based on how often you use your lamp and how strong you like the fragrance.  We sell replacements wick however we strongly suggest you follow the maintenance and care section to extend the life of your wick.


Your wick will have to be replaced periodically depending on how often you use your lamp and how strong you like your fragrance.  It is part of the maintenance and care of your "Scentimental" Keepsake.  Please follow the guidelines below in order to extend the life of your wick:
1) Soak you wick overnight in 91% isopropyl alcohol.  DO NOT USE ANY OTHER ALCOHOL.  This will not only help to clear oil residue after burning but it will keep you wick primed for the next use.  We suggest soaking every night but you must clean at least once a week if using daily.  Infrequent use requires less cleaning but we suggest cleaning before using again.
2) The fragrance is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE.  Please take extra care not to spill fragrance on the outside of the bottle.  If a spill takes place please dry immediately so the outer surface does not burn when ignited.  Only the ceramic wick should be ignited and to a small extent the metal collar on the bottle.  The aim is to only ignite the ceramic wick.
3) DO NOT LEAVE FLAME UNATTENDED.  As tempting as it is please do not walk away from the lamp while the flame is ignited.  It takes only 3-5 minutes of your careful vigilance before you can blow the flame out and enjoy the exquisite home fragrance throughout your room.  You will smell only burned oil if you leave the flame on.  DO NOT MISS THIS STEP.
4)  If your unit does not come with a vented crown or the ceramic does not sit below the rim of the vessel please place unit safely away inside a heatproof vessel or out of reach of children, pets and combustible items.
5)  Please DO NOT USE other lamp oils as this is an alcohol based fragrance and the lamp will not work.  
6) Please operate on a flat even surface and protect the surface from damage that can be caused by alcohol or fragrance or essential oils.


Enlightened Eve


Wayne, NJ 07470, USA