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What we do

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We create "Scentimental" keepsakes of effusion fragrance lamps and batch crafted home fragrances that will make your entire room smell AMAZING.  We are not a cookie cutter in the least!  Whether you like strong or light fragrances the strength can be calibrated for YOU!  We even create "scentimental" masterpieces which are custom created lamps for that cherished space in your room, spa, yoga studio or store!  Experience our 4 launch fragrances Genesis, Light Body, Divine Feminine & Temptation. New fragrances will be added to the lineup shortly so join their mailing list to be notified.

Email us at to customize your home fragrance experience!

We offer exquisite sustainably sourced Palo Santo products for discerning individuals that recognize quality and the importance of superior quality!  We proudly offer high resin Palo Santo incense sticks that can only happen when the Palo Santo tree gracefully dies of natural causes and goes through it's beautiful metamorphic change to give off its "essence and spirit"

We will have Palo Santo based products coming out... but only when it is good and ready just like the magical holy wood!

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As a seasoned travel professional we have carefully curated spiritual travel on behalf of other organizations specifically branding the experience for you!  We do all the heavy lifting and you take all the credit!  We also own and operate a full service award winning travel agency to other market verticals specifically:

Destination Weddings | Romance Travel

Luxury Travel | Family Travel

Ocean & River Cruises

We have a network of personal contacts to carefully curate off the beaten path experience.   Allow us to plan your perfect getaway with family, friends or a group!  For more details go to

Creation has no limit.  But it does take time.  Join our mailing list for new offers and product launches!  We are artists and not techies.  Contact us the old fashion way and let us know if you are interested in hearing more about our offers at:

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